Training Safe Workplaces

The petrochemical and oil refining industry faces many challenges when developing a safe and well-trained workforce. With a globalized multigenerational workforce, the way we train must adapt to meet the needs of not only our workforce but the industry as a whole.

Over the years, some of the challenges the industry has faced have included training inconsistencies, a lack of training flexibility, repetitive and stagnant content, and outdated learning methods.

Safety Essentials was developed to address the industry's need for flexible and consistent safety training, thoughtfully crafted for the diverse workforce.

The goal of the Safety Essentials Suite is to provide efficient and effective safety training by utilizing adult learning theories to ensure learners at any level are engaged, challenged, and prepared to perform their roles safely. This buildable program utilizes explainer videos, analogies, case studies, interactions, and continuous testing to ensure information is engaging and retainable to the workforce.

The Safety Essentials Suite offers the most cost-effective, innovative, and flexible training system available to the industry.​