The Safety Essentials Suite

A revolutionary solution to onboarding and ongoing PSM-compliance training.

This innovative training system is engineered with adult learning theories to reach every learner—at all levels—by utilizing explainer videos, analogies, interactions, and engaging content to address complex matters in a way that can be easily recalled.
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Meet the Suite!

Comprised of 3 essential educational modules, the Safety Essentials Suite includes:

Deliver consistent, cost-effective, innovative and flexible safety training by streamlining your PSM compliance process with the Safety Essentials Suite, today!

The Benefits of choosing the Safety Essentials Suite as your PSM-Compliance Training

OSHA 1910 & 1926 PSM-compliance
100% Online Delivery
(In-person or Virtual)
Over 3 hours of time-savings
Subject Matter Expert (SME) developed and reviewed
Continuous knowledge verification and remediations
Featured analogies for increased comprehension & retention
Featured interactions for critical thinking and engagement
Industry-specific case studies to improve problem-solving