Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Essentials is available for registration through a growing number of participating providers

The initial PSM compliance training is 3-hours. The annual refresher is 1.5-hour.

Safety Essentials is valid for one year, and after successful completion, individuals will be eligible to take Safety Essentials Enhancer – the 1.5-hour annual refresher.

The Safety Essentials Suite utilizes a unique SSN alternative identifier that lives with the individual in perpetuity.

Safety Essentials is accepted across a growing number of facilities. Reach out to find out if your site is on the list!

Yes, Safety Essentials must be taken as a prerequisite to Safety Essentials Enhancer. Once the initial 3-hour course is taken, learners are eligible to take the annual 1.5-hour refresher.

Reach out to the Safety Essentials team at, so they can reach out to the owner facility to review and accept Safety Essentials.

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